If you would like all of the functionality of bluetooth connectivity and music on your factory Vauxhall system - then take a look at the Meta Systems Meta Voice system. It adds the full functionality of a bluetooth phone system - with the added benefit of bluetooth streamed music. By simply pairing your phone to your factory fitted system you can access the full compliment of features - such as built in address book, last call made - not to mention the fully functioning MP3 connectivity that harnesses the power of the playlists on your mobile device.

Meta Voice-opx1

Integrated Parking Sensor display

Vauxhall Parking Sensor display integrationVauxhall display showing A2DP bluetooth control

Looking to integrate parking sensors into your factory fitted system? Then have a look at the Meta Systems Easy Park (for rear only) and Active Park (Front and Rear) systems. The system can be integrated into your vehicle - utilising data from your cars existing systems and the new sensors to make parking a snap.

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