Viseeo integrated Bluetooth for Audi with MMi

ViseeO MBU-3000

The new Viseeo MBU-3000 for MercedesThe new ViseeO MBU-3000 replaces the MBU-1000 and has many upgraded functions, with a faster and simpler design. The MBU-3000 features the very latest Parrot Bluetooth technology ensuring compatibility with all the latest phones for years to come. The MBU-3000 is a result of redesigning its predecessor, the MBU-1000, to provide the best user experience possible by utilising the latest technology. The new Viseeo MBU-3000 imitates the shape of the old Nokia mobile phones, and once inserted into the existing cradle, the MBU-3000 will be recognised as one of the Nokia phones. This means that it will fully integrate with the radio system and steering wheel controls. As the MBU-3000 is a Bluetooth adapter it is capable of storing up to 3 recently paired phones in its memory, with each phone having its own phonebook profile. When a phone is connected and in use, the MBU-3000 will mute the radio system and the conversation will be conducted through the cars existing speakers and microphone.
The ViseeO MBU-3000 is the same size and shape as the original Nokia 6310/6210/6150 phone and fits straight into the existing cradle.
For use in Mercedes Benz vehicles with a fixed cradle for these phones (generally in cars made pre-2005)

  • Nokia 6210
  • Nokia 6150
  • Nokia 6310 / 6310i (Both versions 1 and 2)

ViseeO MB-3

Viseeo MB-3 Bluetooth for MercedesThe ViseeO MB3 is an upgraded ViseeO MB2 which provides Bluetooth telephone integration for Mercedes vehicles with the UHI/MHI exchangeable cradle phone system and will stream music from the paired phone or a connected iPod to the car stereo via a FM transmitter. It also has a USB connection to connect and charge an iPod and a remote control for easy control of the iPod. The software can also be upgraded by the user to support new phones. This works with all cars with the UHI connector, unlike the Mercedes Benz HFP cradle which echoes in the older (around 2004) cars.
Compatible with Mercedes UHI interface CK5050+ Bluetooth module Super fast phonebook sync Supports iPod/iPhone music play A2DP/AVRCP functions for wireless music playing Integration with the steering wheel buttons Easy user installation (Plug and Play)

ViseeO MB-4

Viseeo MB-4 Bluetooth for MercedesThe ViseeO MB-4 replaces the MB-2, and has many new software and hardware improvements. The MB-4 is now powered by a Bluetooth module from Parrot, the industry leader in Bluetooth technology. The MB-4 also features a clever multiple pairing mode which allows up to 4 phones to be paired at the same time. You can easily switch between which phone to use with the car kit by the press of a single button. The MB-4 also features USB charging which will allow you to charge any mobile phone via a USB charger. This works with all cars with the UHI connector, generally found in 2005 cars onwards but may be found in older cars.

Major features

Compatible with Mercedes UHI interface Parrot CK5050+ Bluetooth module Super fast phonebook sync, Pair up-to 4 phones each with it's own memory of up-to 1000 entries. 5V phone charging port compatible with most electronic devices that can be charged via USB. Active Siri Assistant for iPhone users form the Mercedes keypad - use to send messages, check emails, and muck more! Quick Switch for Paired Phones is a new feature which allows an instant switch to connect other paired phone simply with one click of a button. You can tell which phone is in connection from the Command console screen.

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