CBS News – Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert, Naeem Khokhar,

expert11. Where is CBS based? CBS is in the heart of Cambridge – 31B Clifton Road.

2. How many items does CBS have in stock? We keep 72 of the most popular items in stock. There are thousands available.

3. Does CBS install things in vehicles other than cars and vans? If it has wheels and a steering mechanism, we install – so yes, cars, vans, tractors, motorbikes. And the odd tank!

4. What is the most unusual or challenging item you’ve ever installed? We once fitted a vehicle tracking device in a tank! It was for a limousine company that hires out unusual vehicles for proms and May Balls. So keeping track of it makes sense doesn’t it?

5. What is your most popular item for cars? Easy question. Tow bars.

6. What is your most popular item for vans? Bluetooth. Fleet managers and business owners are realising that Bluetooth increases productivity and makes sense from a health and safety point of view.

7. Does CBS experience seasonal trends? Absolutely. Summer is tow bar season. In the autumn people want reversing cameras, Bluetooth and hands free kits. When the temperature drops in winter and there’s a lot of rain, we install heated seats and parking sensors on a regular basis. In spring, people invest in in car entertainment like MP3 connections or headrest DVD screens for those backseat passengers!

8. What is going to be the next ‘big thing’ for cars? DAB radio. CBS is the first company in the UK to have official government digital accreditation.

9. And for vans? Two trends are emerging. One is tracking CO2 emissions; the other is monitoring driver behaviour, e.g. erratic driving which costs in terms of fuel consumption and the lifetime of the vehicle.

10. Does CBS install anywhere else than Clifton Road? We have 105 engineers across the country who install hands free kits, tow bars and alarms. These engineers also carry out project work for CBS’ large vehicle fleet customers. Recently we installed yellow roof lights for one van fleet and sinks with electrical hot water heaters for another.