CBS News – See our Bike

In this multitasking world what we all need is a one-stop shop like CBS-AUTOMOTIVE.

Bike1They’re now even primed to help look after your fitness too! CBS installs the latest after-market technology for cars – the latest in multimedia, hands-free, vehicle tracking plus the more traditional tow bars and cycle carriers. Mostly done while you wait but if it’s going to take a bit longer, CBS is offering a ‘courtesy bike’ while your car is fitted with all those ‘must have’ gadgets and accessories. The CBS courtesy bike will no doubt prove popular; it ticks a lot of boxes – reducing city centre congestion (and the carbon footprint), not to mention the opportunity for a good dose of cardiovascular exercise. It should save time too when traffic is heavy. We’re talking Cambridge here! Fortunately Select CBS is conveniently located for the city centre. Especially if there’s a bike on offer.

If you are one of the dozens of people who visit CBS’ Clifton Road premises each week to have those essential accessories installed – whether it’s Bluetooth hands-free, vehicle tracking, multimedia, parking sensors, BluEye or a tow bar – make a note to book the courtesy bike. Anticipating that this will prove a popular option, CBS-AUTOMOTIVE managing director Naeem Khokhar has already ordered courtesy bike number two!

And yes, for the safety conscious among you, both a helmet and a bike lock are provided.

No reason to panic if this is not quite what you had in mind, CBS can provide you with a more traditional courtesy vehicle – a car. With four wheels. No helmet or bike lock though.